National Security Act, 2024" (H.R. 815):

National Security Act, 2024" (H.R. 815):

Here's a detailed list of the allocations and their respective amounts as outlined in the "National Security Act, 2024" (H.R. 815):

Department of Defense

Military Personnel

Military Personnel, Army: $207,158,000

Military Personnel, Marine Corps: $3,538,000

Military Personnel, Air Force: $23,302,000

Military Personnel, Space Force: $4,192,000

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance, Army: $4,887,581,000

Operation and Maintenance, Navy: $1,534,163,000

$976,405,000 for Ukraine

$557,758,000 for submarine industrial base improvements

Operation and Maintenance, Marine Corps: $69,045,000

Operation and Maintenance, Air Force: $846,869,000

Operation and Maintenance, Space Force: $8,443,000

Operation and Maintenance, Defense-Wide: $34,230,780,000

$13,772,460,000 for Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative

Up to $4,400,000,000 for Israel or countries supporting Israel

Up to $13,414,432,000 for Ukraine or countries supporting Ukraine

Up to $1,900,000,000 for Taiwan or countries supporting Taiwan


Missile Procurement, Army: $2,742,757,000

Procurement of Ammunition, Army: $6,414,300,000

$801,400,000 for Israel

$5,612,900,000 for Ukraine

Other Procurement, Army: $308,991,000

Weapons Procurement, Navy: $706,976,000

Shipbuilding and Conversion, Navy: $2,155,000,000

$1,955,000,000 for Columbia Class Submarine

$200,000,000 for Virginia Class Submarine

Other Procurement, Navy: $319,570,000

$26,000,000 for Ukraine

$293,570,000 for submarine industrial base improvements

Procurement, Marine Corps: $212,443,000

Missile Procurement, Air Force: $366,001,000

Other Procurement, Air Force: $2,808,678,000

Procurement, Defense-Wide: $5,246,780,000

$4,000,000,000 for Iron Dome and David’s Sling for Israel

$1,200,000,000 for Iron Beam for Israel

$46,780,000 for Ukraine

Defense Production Act Purchases

$331,200,000 for activities under the Defense Production Act of 1950

Research, Development, Test and Evaluation

Army: $18,594,000

Navy: $20,825,000

$13,825,000 for Ukraine

$7,000,000 for submarine industrial base improvements

Air Force: $406,834,000

Defense-Wide: $194,125,000

Other Department of Defense Programs

Office of the Inspector General: $8,000,000

Related Agencies

Intelligence Community Management Account: $2,000,000

This summary covers the key allocations within the Department of Defense and related agencies as per the "National Security Act, 2024." It reflects the focus on military personnel, operation and maintenance, procurement, and specific initiatives aimed at responding to the situation in Ukraine, supporting allies, and improving the United States' defense capabilities.

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